Friday, November 25

Pre-order Elden Ring in GAME and get a metal box and a DLC with additional content

Offered by GAME Spain.

Elden Ring from FromSoftware is one of the most anticipated games of the next few months – it launches on February 25th. If you are one of the many fans waiting for the new play by director Miyazaki and writer George RR Martin, In GAME you have a gift that you cannot miss: an exclusive metal box and DLC with additional content. Reserve it at GAME or stores

Pre-order the game and get the following content:

  • GAME exclusive METALLIC BOX of the game, with a unique design and that will have a prominent place on your shelf.
  • DLC with additional content of the game, and that includes the game guide in digital format and a unique gesture for your character.

So you already know! Reserve now Elden Ring in GAME and get an exclusive metallic box of the game and a DLC with additional content, on sale next February 25.

Role and action in the open world from the creators of Dark Souls

Rise forth, Lightless, and grace guide you to embrace the power of the Elden Circle and rise as lord of the Circle in the Midlands. Elden Ring offers a vast connected world in which the open territories will be full of situations and huge dungeons with complex, three-dimensional layouts. As you explore, you will experience the delight of discovering unknown and daunting threats, and that will give you the thrill of overcoming.

In addition to customizing your character’s appearance, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, both to increase your brute strength and be a powerful warrior, and to master magic.

Elden Ring reserve in GAME with box met

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