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One more! PRAGMATA, Capcom’s new IP, is delayed | LevelUp

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One more that bites the dust and that is that 2020 and 2021, years marked by the pandemic, have been a source of sad news for the video game industry, especially for those who wait for games that will make the new generation shine in all its splendor . A few moments ago, another of those news was confirmed and has to do with PRAGMATA, Capcom’s new IP, so if you were looking forward to it, you’ll have to do it longer.

More delays, now it was the turn of PRAGMATA, Capcom’s new IP

A few minutes ago, the official account of Capcom Latin America announced that the new adventure and science fiction game of the Japanese company, PRAGMATA, it won’t come out next year. According to the information, although the development team is working hard on the creation of this title, it is necessary to take more time to ensure that it is a quality product, at the height of everything that the company has delivered in recent years. . That said, Capcom confirmed that PRAGMATA will be released sometime in 2023.

Since its unveiling, PRAGMATA It drew attention for its Sci-Fi theme, but also for being a title designed for the new generation of consoles. Although Capcom has insisted on pointing out that the development process is on the right track, it is not possible that the game will be ready by 2022, the year in which its debut was expected.

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On the other hand, Capcom’s announcement confirms the leak that took place a long time ago in a promotional video for PlayStation where it was shown PRAGMATA with a launch window of 2023, a detail that was corrected but that ignited the speculations that have come true today.

If you want to know more about PRAGMATA, enter this link.

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Video: Pragmata – Ad Trailer | PS5


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