Friday, November 25

Nintendo Wii U receives a new game that could be the last to arrive in its catalog

Nintendo Wii U, the successor to Wii, is recorded in the history of the Japanese company as one of the biggest commercial failures in its entire history of desktop consoles. Although the console introduced a new type of GamePad-centric gameplay, a controller that included a touch screen, this did not reach deep among the players and was quickly forgotten by the public. However, and against all odds, Wii U will receive a new exclusive title in order to celebrate the console ninth anniversary; the last big exclusive to arrive was Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Relax, since the title in question is not a great Nintendo exclusive, but a Independent title developed by Ultra Dolphin Revolution (va Nintendo Life). The developer in question has been supporting Wii U for several years since Nintendo Switch was launched with several small titles so that buyers who still keep the console at home can continue to receive news. Unfortunately everything has an end and the developer has revealed that this is the last game he has worked on for Wii U, which has been baptized as Captain U and serves as a culmination and celebration.

A 2D platform that squeezes the gameplay of Wii U

Captain U is a two-dimensional platform that makes use of the capabilities of the Wii U’s dual screen -the TV screen and the one integrated with the GamePad- and other features such as touch or motion controls. Come on, in a few words it tries to squeeze all the juice and the possibilities of the unique gameplay of Wii U. As far as we know, the title will be released for the Nintendo eShop and, as you may have seen in the attached images, it bears a resemblance very evident with the classic adventures of Super Mario. In addition, it consists of nine levels and our goal is to rescue a princess.

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