Wednesday, December 7

Nikon Reveals Full-Frame Z9 Mirrorless Camera, And It’s A True DSLR Killer

Nikon is developing a new full-frame mirrorless camera called the Nikon Z9 that will deliver “the best video and still image performance” ever.

The Z9 was revealed in a blog post this morning, along with a single photo of the device. And based on what we already know about it, it will almost certainly replace the D6 DSLR as Nikon’s flagship model.

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Nikon’s post revealed several details about the Z9; the most important are that it is in development, will have a full-frame sensor, and will arrive this year.

We also know that the Z9 will be able to shoot 8K video, putting it on par with other flagship cameras like the Canon EOS R5, and that it will use a stacked FX-format CMOS sensor and a newly developed image processing engine.

The latest news is potentially important, because stacked CMOS sensors have faster read speeds than BSI (backlit) sensors. In theory, this could give the Z9 faster burst shooting and autofocus than potential rivals with a BSI sensor, such as the Sony A7R IV, although we’ll obviously have to see it in action before we can judge that.

Nikon did not reveal much more about the Z9, however the fact that it is described as “the first flagship model for which the Nikon Z mount was adopted” and “meeting the advanced needs of professionals” suggests that it will indeed replace the D6. like Nikon’s top camera.

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That’s further supported by the camera image: With its built-in vertical grip, the Z9 looks a lot like a cross between the full-frame mirrorless Z7 and the pro-level D6 DSLR.

While Nikon’s official announcement doesn’t tell us much, some specs have filtered through the Nikon Rumors site. There is no way of knowing if they are accurate or not, but Nikon Rumors generally has a good track record with these things.

Based on the leak, the Z9 will have a 45-46MP, 50MP, or 60MP sensor, with the latter two being the most likely. It will also have a blackout-free, high-resolution electronic viewfinder with a 120Hz refresh rate, 20fps burst shooting, and ‘jaw-dropping’ autofocus tracking.

Of course, a professional camera like this will be priced professionally, and Nikon Rumors predicts that the Z9 will cost between $ 6,000 and $ 7,000 when it arrives, probably this fall. So no, the Z9 won’t make our list of the best cheap cameras.

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