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NFT games on Xbox? Forget it, Microsoft is not interested | LevelUp

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The fever for NFTs, like cryptocurrencies, has led to a scene that overwhelms anything but security. Although opting for the acquisition of this type of content under the idea of ​​owning something unique, at least in code, has become a bet that can go well or end with large losses of money. It was a matter of time for this to appear in video games and some titles work from the principles of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, but to make the big leap they need the support of large brands or companies and in the case of Xbox it is not So.

Xbox is not interested in NFTs, at least at the moment

After Epic Games gave its approval to NFT video games with the use of cryptocurrencies in its PC store, they thought about the possibilities that they would be seen on consoles. In the framework of the 20th anniversary of Xbox and taking into account that the brand is always aware of the future of the industry, this issue was addressed by Phil Spencer, who shared the position of Microsoft’s games division.

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Phil Spencer sees NFTs as financial exploiters and not as entertainment

During an interview with Axios, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was questioned about NFT games and a possible adoption of them by the Microsoft gaming environment. In this regard, the manager made it clear that, at this time, Xbox has no interest in this type of proposal: “what I would say today about NFTs is that I think there is a lot of speculation and experimentation at the moment, and that some of the Current proposals feel more like financial exploiters than forms of entertainment. I don’t think that all NFT games are like that, I just think that we are at that stage where people are discovering it. I can understand that from the beginning you see a lot of things that, You probably don’t want to have it on your platform. Anything we consider exploitative will lead us to take action. We don’t want that kind of content at this point. “

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In this way, 2 of the large platforms have said no to the NFTs. First it was Valve banning this type of games and the use of cryptocurrencies, and now Xbox that prefers to see how things develop. Until now, only Epic Games has given its approval, but the company warned that it will monitor everything that happens with these games and has delisted from its operations in cryptocurrencies, which will have to be carried out on another platform.

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