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League of Legends: the popularity of Jinx, Vi and Jayce increased thanks to the Netflix series | LevelUp

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Arcane, the first animated series of League of Legends, arrived on Netflix on November 6 and since then it has become a success with audiences and critics. As expected, the popularity of this production caused many people to give the video game a try, as well as the veterans decided to try some champions for the first time.

We say this because the main characters of the Netflix animated series have seen a rise in popularity in the video game in recent days, which means that more people selected and played like them.

League of Legends fans want to play as Arcane’s main characters

According to the portal LoLalytics (Via PC Gamer), Jinx had a selection rate of 11.8% on November 6, which went to 17.5% until this Wednesday morning. On the other hand, Jayce went from a 3.7% pick rate to a 12% pick on November 11.

Nonetheless, it seems that the community really fell in love with Vi thanks to the Netflix show, as the champion went from having a moderate pick rate of 6% to an impressive 20.4% to this day.

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Of course, the increase in the popularity of these characters caused their victory rates to see a considerable decrease. This is not surprising, since surely there are many players who chose them for the first time and still do not know how to use their skills effectively.

The first 2 bows of Arcane, which are made up of 3 episodes each, are already available on Netflix. We remind you that the third and last arc will debut next Saturday, November 20.

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But tell us, what do you think of this curious phenomenon? Let us read you in the comments.

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