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Hextremadura: the laws of nature in a solo challenge • Console and Board

Playing is synonymous with socializing. When we share a table, we travel hand in hand into unknown lands. We generate memories. We join forces. We compete for victory. Now, what about solo challenges?

It is common to find titles with variants for one player, but not so much to find those whose main modality is based on the solo experience. Hextremadura it is capable of filling that space, not too explored, despite its enormous possibilities.


LittleHouse BoardGames and David Heras are behind Hextremadura, board game composed of 18 double-sided hexagonal tiles. Offers solo challenges, 15 minutes, indicated from 10 years.

Be part of the collection 18 Hex Games, composed of two other independent titles: ISO and Pantheon. Immersed in a financing search campaign in Verkami, you need 5,000 euros to become a reality. The launch is scheduled for June 2022.

Following some simple rules, not without strategy, we will have the mission of discovering the lands that are hidden beyond the Duero. It is not only a tribute to Extremadura, but to the laws of nature itself.


Before we start, we must know that the tiles have three types of terrain: forest, crop and water. On the A side, we will find simple objectives, while on the B side, the advanced objectives appear.

We shuffle them all to create the pile, with side A of the tiles visible. The first will make up the terrain, leaving it on the table. We stole two for the hand and we start.

The turn consists of playing a tile on the stage, adjacent, at least, to another already placed. It must show its side A. Finish by replacing the hand, with a new tile. Every time we complete the objectives of one or more tiles, we remove them from the map. They will become part of the heap of explored terrain.

The first round will end when the main pile and hand tiles have been exhausted. The explored terrain pile will become the main pile, drawing two and following the same mechanics. From this moment, the second round will begin, in which to play the tiles on its B side.

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Unlike the objectives on face A, the advanced ones (face B) do not retreat after they are fulfilled. If we continue to complete objectives on side A, we will form a new pile of explored terrain.

How are objectives completed?

Simple objectives are completed by sets of blocks, according to the number and type indicated. They can belong to different tiles, but they must be adjacent to the target’s speech bubble.

For their part, the advanced ones can be met anywhere on the stage. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to be adjacent to the target tile.

Game over

The game ends when no more tiles can be placed, that is, when a new pile of explored terrain can no longer be formed. Each completed Advanced Objective (B-side) rewards with a point. We compare our score with the table to find out how the scan went.


The experience has not gone bad. I would be lying if I said that I have not suffered. Do you know how expensive it has been to connect so many crops? And that’s not to mention the forests … When I believed that little more could be done, the effort has begun to bear fruit.

A huge terrain has opened before my eyes. He just wanted to run through his fields. Jump. Swim through its waters. Too bad I still have a few issues to resolve here next door.

The experience? Much better, thanks. This time, I have been able to tread new ground. I’ve had time to run through your fields. To jump. To swim through its waters. A shame I forgot to greet the animals. To collect acorns.

They say the third time is the charm. I enjoy the new lands. I run through their fields. Jump. I swim. I’ve gotten up close to these fascinating animals and even filled the basket with a few acorns.

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Mission accomplished. Not precisely because of the completed objectives. I have achieved two, only two, but do you know how satisfying the adventure has been? My mind is already set on the next excursion. I will be back. Of course I will be back.


Hextremadura uses the laying of tiles as the main element. With it, comes the most necessary replayability. It is not easy to achieve it, especially when it comes to solo experiences. Unfortunately, they tend to expire very soon.

So that you can go to the table again and again, you need some very well spun mechanics. Not necessarily complex, but well studied. This is what happens in this novelty. The random arrangement of the tiles creates challenges that require different strategies.

In some, luck will be on our side. In others, what we need so badly may not appear. This brushstroke of chance it is enough for everything to work perfectly, regardless of the number of attempts we take.

From there, the tactical plans shine brightly. We will try to complete objectives one at a time. We will optimize land to meet several at the same time. Any strategy is valid, as long as we know how to take advantage of a time that is scarce.

Thus, we must never forget the Golden rule: the more simple objectives we complete, the more world we will see. With it, the advanced objectives will arrive and, with them, the points.


Following this idea, we will create a scenario. It will transform as we remove completed objectives. They will go on to show their B-side, with more possibilities. They will occupy old and new positions, in which we will not forget the simple goals or the advanced ones.

As we progress in the mission, we will have to keep an eye on both. Not neglecting any point will bring us great joys, although it will not be easy. It is not for less, since Hextremadura it’s a board game easy to understand, but difficult to master.

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There is no greater satisfaction than completing simple objectives to explore new areas and unknowns. We will not expect to achieve a perfect result on a first try, a second or a third. Maybe not in a room either. We will have to analyze failures and assume the consequences of constant decision-making.

What this high level of demand achieves is keeping us hooked for a good season. In fact, even if we achieve the result of our lives, the new arrangement of the next game will have turned everything upside down. It will be a new experience, which will require improvised plans on the fly.

With that, Hextremadura encourages us to exceed own brands. It is an addictive game, based on very structured rules so that all our concentration falls on the fields to be joined. In symbols to collect, here and there.

board games solitaire

It fulfills its function of entertaining, not only in idle moments, but during entire afternoons. It is one more sample of how the solo game is full of possibilities, as long as it is well designed.

As those in charge point out, success will not come by obtaining a certain score, but by having discovered lands full of life. They are represented by a very logical and intuitive design.

Opt for the clear division of land and for a symbology that avoids any text. The idea is that these beautiful landscapes can be kept in your pocket to shine anywhere in the world. To let ourselves be trapped, over and over again, by the idea of ​​freedom.

The photographs used for this review correspond to your prototype, so they do not represent a final design.

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