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Halo Infinite reveals in video part of the mission The Conservatory of its campaign

Halo Infinite wanted to start with multiplayer when landing on the market. It was released as a surprise earlier this week, allowing PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Game Pass players to enjoy this facet of the title. While 343 Industries will make adjustments to the criticized Battle Pass progression, courtesy of IGN We were able to take a look (without spoilers) at one of the missions of the campaign: The Conservatory. The game’s story mode will be available on December 8.

The Conservatory, one of the missions of Halo Infinite

As they point from the middle, The Conservatory It is one of the missions that we will have to carry out “a few hours after” we start our adventure. In the video that we have left you on these lines, we can take a look at a battle with the Skimmers, as well as one of the new weapons that we will use in Halo Infinite: the Cindershot. The clip does not contain spoilers for the story, so you can enjoy it with complete peace of mind.

A few weeks ago we were able to learn more about the approach of the game’s history, thanks to an advance titled The Banished Rise. In this footage, we had the opportunity to see Escharum, leader of the Outcasts and the new villain in history. This mercenary organization comes to power after the war between the humans and the Covenant is over, and they will be willing to destroy what remains of humanity. The Master Chief, however, will be there to stop him.

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Halo Infinite: Its technical characteristics

In addition to taking advantage of the Xbox Series technology, 343 Industries has also made an effort to make the game offer all the specifications that PC gamers expect to find: offer support for ultra-wide / super-ultra-wide monitors, field of view adjustments and we can customize the speed frames as convenient for us. Also includes: advanced graphics settings, triple keyboard shortcuts, and much more. Ray tracing, however, will be implemented after launch.

Its multiplayer, for the moment, has had the warmth of the users: it has brought together 270,000 simultaneous players on Steam. To know all the details of Halo Infinite, we invite you to take a look at our previews and impressions.

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