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Google VPN: everything you need to know about the Google One feature

Google One, the tech giant’s comprehensive payment package, offers many features to enhance your life online, but the most interesting of all (for us, at least) is Google’s new VPN or, more technically, Google’s VPN. . One.

Hiring the best VPN providers is one of the few things Google has yet to do seriously, Google One VPN shows that those tides are turning. However, while you certainly have the financial clout and manpower to develop a world-class product, will users really want to use privacy software from a brand known for having its business model focused on collecting data from its users?

Here, we’ll take a look at exactly what Google’s new VPN actually offers, how it compares to current market leaders, who can use it, and whether it’s worth your time and money.

What is the competition?

Who can get the VPN from Google?

Starting in August 2021, users in the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy can sign up for Google One and use the VPN. That’s a huge improvement over the US-only support initially announced, but it still can’t compete with the global reach of almost every other dedicated VPN provider.

Also, Google’s VPN is solely an Android VPN, which means that if you want protection on your iPhone, Mac, or even Windows PC, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

How much does Google’s VPN cost?

Google VPN comes with Google One’s 2TB and higher plans; there is no other way to get access. Starting at $ 99 a year (or $ 9.99 paid monthly) is not a bargain, but combined with the vast online storage, access to Google experts, a tasty 10% cash back on all Google purchases. Store and ‘additional member benefits’ is starting to look like a better value proposition.

However, while many VPN providers offer freebies like secure cloud storage, the security software itself is invariably the main attraction. Here, Google VPN appears to be more of a complement to the 2 TB of storage, and the fact that it cannot be purchased separately means that it is likely an added bonus for Google One subscribers, and not the priority for most. of the users.

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Is Google VPN a real VPN?

If you are an Android user then yes, Google One VPN is a real VPN. It provides encrypted access to websites, hiding your activity from everyone, even Google itself, which means it should be able to stay more private.

We haven’t had a chance to test Google’s VPN for streaming, but we hope it doesn’t offer the best Netflix VPN services. As the world’s largest tech brand, Google needs to keep its nose clean, and the gray area that is unlocking streaming is probably a feature you’d want to avoid.

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What does Google VPN offer?

In short, not much. It is very much a VPN to go back to basics with a single switch and no settings. You can’t even select which server location to connect to.

Google claims in its press release that it uses a proprietary protocol instead of the industry standard OpenVPN, but claims to be planning to integrate IPsec soon, with the possibility of WireGuard support in the future.

Otherwise, it seems very simple to use, but it doesn’t offer the number of features that dedicated providers do. That may be a good thing for some, but for many it just won’t deliver enough. And, combined with its current Android-only state, it might be priced and out-of-the-box.

Can you trust the Google One VPN?

This is the big question that everyone asks. Given that one of the most popular VPN uses is bypassing Google trackers and targeted ads, can you really trust an internal Google product to do the same?

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Well the clients are open source and have been independently audited, which is a good start. However, we hope that many users simply cannot overcome the apparent contradiction of a company that makes a profit by analyzing data that provides software to evade that.

How does Google VPN compare to the competition?

The VPN market is getting busier by the day, and various providers have cornered their niches and have commanding presences. We haven’t had as much time to test Google VPN as we have other services, but below we’ll compare what we know about it against its three biggest rivals to see what the newbie is up against.

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ExpressVPN versus Google VPN

(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

First up is ExpressVPN, probably the most respected and capable VPN on the market today.

While ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPNs on the market, Google One as a whole is exactly the same price for 12 months – $ 99. While it’s worth noting that you can claim three free months of ExpressVPN via Tom’s Guide, both are roughly similar in terms of cost.

However, when it comes to the functionality of the VPN itself, it’s clear that ExpressVPN has the upper hand. Not only does it work on almost any mainstream device, but you can access 3,000+ servers at will and unlock tons of streaming content.

Google VPN, on the other hand, automatically assigns you a server and, well … that’s it.

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One could argue that the additional features of Google One make it a more comprehensive subscription, but ExpressVPN also offers a free 12-month subscription to Backblaze, a leading cloud backup service, so unless you Really you need more than 2TB of online storage along with your VPN, Express is the clear winner.

Surfshark vs Google VPN

(Image credit: future)

Surfshark is our top-rated budget VPN service and at just $ 2.49 a month it’s a fraction of the price of Google One.

Again, you’ll have fully configurable servers and protocols, with clients for a large number of devices, including a Fire Stick VPN and even a router VPN. Additionally, you can choose from several protocols to tailor application performance.

One advantage Google had over Surfshark was its independent audit, but in May 2021, Cure53 investigated Surfshark and found it to be safe.

So again, if you don’t need all the extras that come with Google One and you just need a VPN, Surfshark is by far the best option.

NordVPN vs Google VPN

(Image credit: future)

A big name in the VPN market, NordVPN has more than 10 million customers and a powerful set of security-focused VPN clients and applications. However, Google’s most powerful tool entering the VPN war is its brand, so trading under your name shouldn’t be a problem.

However, it is the same old story again. As an established and dedicated VPN provider, NordVPN offers a wide variety of privacy and usability features, while Google VPN is just a switch with no configuration.

Currently, we don’t see any burning reasons why you would choose Google VPN over a behemoth like NordVPN, unless you have an urgent need for additional online storage.

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