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Free: they are giving away one of the best Splinter Cells; so you can get it | LevelUp

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Ubisoft is celebrating 35 years of history. Celebrating with harassment scandals and bugs would not make anyone happy and that is why the company decided to do it by giving away some of its best games. On this occasion, they are giving one of the best deliveries of Splinter Cell.

The thing is, until November 25, Ubisoft will be offering free copies of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Please note that this promotion is only available for PC and that it will give you a copy for Ubisoft Connect, Ubisoft’s video game client on PC.

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To claim your copy of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory you have to follow the following steps

  • Enter a this link
  • Select the option that says Ubisoft Connect
  • Log in
  • Claim your copy
Take advantage of the gift!

That easy! With this you will be the owner of a copy of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory that you can download from the Ubisoft Connect client to play whenever you want.

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We remind you that this is not the first gift that Ubisoft has adored in recent weeks. In fact, he was giving copies of Far Cry 3, as well as the trilogy Assassin’s Creed Chronicles. In this way, he has given various reasons to celebrate.

Follow this link to see more news related to Ubisoft.

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