Monday, November 28

Elden Ring: Find hidden enemies and bosses in the beta outside the limits of the map

Many players have been able to experience Elden Ring In the last few days thanks to its closed beta, a rather generous preview in content of the role-playing and action game that launches next February 25. Although some areas of their map were blocked with an invisible wall, there are users who have managed to cross these limits to see new areas of terrain and have discovered some surprises, including Hidden bosses in the beta.

These walls of light have not stopped some players from looking for ways to cross the barrier using exploits similar to those used in speedruns (to find shortcuts on stage) The new areas give hours of play to investigate and although the whole map is not there – there are areas where the player falls to infinity, new objects do not appear -, yes there are perfectly playable regions and even with new enemies as dangerous monsters in the shape of a bear – a huge one inflicts bleeding and poisonous effect – or a new boss, Crucible Knight Floh, although he falls to the void as soon as he appears.

Another user has achieved lbequeath to the same area as Alexander, an NPC that appeared in the video of gameplay official this month, although this huge cauldron does not appear in the beta.

One of the most anticipated games of 2022

“The new FromSoftware has us excited and it is becoming increasingly clear to us that it is going to be one of the best games of the coming year,” we said in our beta impressions. “A title that part of the base of Dark Souls to evolve it and take it to a new terrain with an open world that makes exploration a real pleasure, but without forgetting the challenging and exquisite combat that has brought the studio to the top of the industry, as well as its spectacular level design. We still have a lot to see and play to be able to assess it properly, but if we can assure you one thing, it is that after this first contact, the wait until February 25 is going to be much harder for us “.

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