Friday, November 25

CHOAM and Richese, the second expansion of Dune arrives

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Gale Force Nine has announced the release of CHOAM and Richese, the second expansion to the board game from Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge and Peter Olotka; Dune.

CHOAM and Richese is an expansion that increases the number of players from 3 to 6 and increases the starting time of the original game to 200 minutes (thanks Boardgamegeek) as well as adding two new variants

The Combine Honest Ober Advancer Mercantiles o CHOAM controlled much of the economic affairs of the entire cosmos, and had a great interest in Arrakis beyond the production of spices. Due to its control of interplanetary commerce, the CHOAM was the Empire’s greatest source of wealth.

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Influence in CHOAM was one of the main focuses of political maneuvering in the Empire, both to maximize dividends and to make a profit. CHOAM leaders and bureaucrats were dedicated to controlling the vital products that enriched the Great Houses… and CHOAM itself.

The Casa RicheseLike the Ixians, he had a well-earned reputation for ingenuity, and he created important technological inventions. But Count Ilban Richese suffered a series of business mistakes that threatened to ruin his fortune. After being removed from the government of Arrakis, he was reduced to selling important creations simply to raise sufficient funds to continue his efforts to compete.

Expansion Richese House for Dune CHOAM and Richese

CHOAM and Richese, an expansion that adds new rules and mechanics

This expansion also introduces Leader Skills, which allow you to assign a skill such as Mentat, Swordmaster of Ginaz, or Adept of Prana Bindu to one of your leader discs. It also includes advanced fortress cards, which give you a “field advantage” when fighting in a fortress you control.

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In addition to designing Dune, Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge y Peter Olotka they have co-designed board games like Cosmic Encounters, Rex: Final Days of an Empire, Borderlands or Hoax. In the case of CHOAM and Richese, Greg Olotka and Jack Reda join the design team.

Gale Force Nine is responsible for the publication of this second expansion. The publisher has also released Dune A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy and Dune Betrayal, in addition to the first expansion Ixians and the Tleilaxu, and other titles such as Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps or Tyrants of the Underdark.

CHOAM and Richese It will hit the market in early 2022 in its English edition. As for its Spanish version, Asmodee Iberica is in charge of publishing Dune in our country and has already announced the first expansion of the game. It is quite possible that the second will arrive in 2022 or early 2023.

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