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Best Kodi VPN 2021: Best Free and Paid VPNs for XBMC

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If you like watching movies, sports, TV shows, or just streaming your own content from a local hard drive, you’ve probably downloaded Kodi. It is the best streaming software and because it is free and open source, Kodi can be adapted to all your needs.

But there is a way to make Kodi even better, and that is by using a virtual private network (VPN). Get one of these and it will make your Kodi experience safer and possibly faster as well.

Interested? Read on to find out the best VPNs for Kodi in 2021.

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Please note that many plugins contain content that is not officially licensed and access to such content may be illegal. In short, if the content is free, but it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

What is a VPN?

When you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned an IP address that tells websites from which country you are connecting. This information can cause a site to block content that is deemed not accessible in your region.

A VPN avoids this by acting as a virtual hatch, essentially making it appear that you are connected from a completely different part of the world. The result? Your identity of origin is hidden, and you can access geo-blocked services that you might not otherwise be able to access, such as Hulu, HBO Go, or American Netflix.

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Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

There are multiple VPNs out there right now, so to keep things simple, we’ve put together a list of the VPNs that we recommend when using Kodi. We will also update this page with more VPNs in the future, so check back.

The 4 best VPNs to use with Kodi

1. ExpressVPN (from $ 8.32 / month)

Although ExpressVPN It is not that well known in the Kodi community, it is still one of the best VPN you can use for Kodi. ExpressVPN doesn’t store any activity logs so your privacy is maintained and it has also historically been one of the best VPNs for watching US Netflix in the UK. ExpressVPN also comes with an excellent support network, and if you’re unsure or satisfied with the service, you can take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee. After that, ExpressVPN will cost you $ 8 per month for a 12-month contract.

Although the price may be higher, you get what you pay for. the ExpressVPN The customer service team goes to great lengths to troubleshoot issues such as accessing your account, connecting devices, or having trouble accessing Netflix and content from other streaming services with your VPN.

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

Having access to 94 countries, thousands of servers and IP addresses, and no connection or traffic log is a powerful thing, and it’s all with the click of a button or two.

2. NordVPN (from $ 3.30 / month)

NordVPN is currently one of the most powerful VPNs you can get. Based on 695 server locations around the world in 54 different countries, NordVPN has extensive coverage allowing you to connect to and from virtually anywhere in the world. Also, NordVPN’s software is relatively straightforward, and like other VPNs, it doesn’t log or store your connection details. Finally, like the other VPNs mentioned here, NordVPN uses a kill switch that shuts down your entire connection if your VPN ever fails. That means there is no way for your real IP information to be leaked. At the time of writing, you can get NordVPN for just $ 3.30 per month, but you have to be willing to commit to a 2-year plan.

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3. CyberGhost VPN (the Free)

CyberGhost has quickly become a well-known VPN service, and after using it for a short time, it’s easy to see why. Simply put, CyberGhost is one of the easiest VPNs to use and allows you to start a VPN-enabled browser session with just one click. Like other paid VPNs on the market, CyberGhost also doesn’t store details of your connection activity. CyberGhost can also be used for free, which means it’s a great way to test the service to see if you want a VPN in the first place. The only limitation of the free level is the connection speed and the lack of free spaces available on the networks if they are especially busy. You can currently get CyberGhost with a PAYG of £ 4.


4. IPVanish (from $ 3.75 / month)

There are several Kodi VPNs out there right now, but IPVanish is undoubtedly one of the most popular among the Kodi community, largely due to the amount of freedom it offers users. Of the VPN services on our list, IPVanish is one of the most dubious from a legal point of view, allowing access to torrenting services and offering a strict no-logs policy, meaning that the details of your connections will not be stored. It’s also easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices, and when it goes wrong, IPVanish offers impressive customer support.

Currently, IPVanish costs around $ 3.75 a month, but you have to sign up for an annual subscription. After that, you pay $ 89.99 per month.

VPN and Kodi

There are plenty of VPNs to choose from when using Kodi, we’ve given you our top picks, all that’s left is for you to decide.

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What do you use Kodi for? Did you have a problem getting your VPN up and running? Share your thoughts below.

Please note that many plugins contain content that is not officially licensed and access to such content may be illegal. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with all applicable laws in their country regarding use. Dennis Publishing Ltd excludes all liability for such content. We do not tolerate nor are we responsible for the infringement of any intellectual property or other rights of third parties and we will not be liable to either party as a result of such content made available. In short, if the content is free, but it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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