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Battlefield 2042 players are achieving incredible kills in wingsuits

While fans seem divided on Battlefield 2042, one aspect that seems to be a hit with players is the Wingsuit ability, which sets up unique kills.

While it hasn’t been technically released yet, fans have taken Battlefield 2042 thanks to early access granted by the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game, as well as by the EA Play service. So far, fans seem divided on the game, praising certain additions and features like the community-driven Portal mode. Through Portal, fans can create their dream modes with custom rules using classic experiences from Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield 3.

A major change in the typical Battlefield The formula is the elimination of the archetypes of four classes in favor of specialized units, each with its own abilities. This change has proven to be controversial thus far, ultimately dividing the fanbase with many hoping for the classic base classes to return. However, there are many who have embraced the stuntman, although many gravitate towards Emma “Sundance” Rosier and her unique wingsuit ability.

This assault specialist is capable of launching himself from tall structures and, instead of using a parachute, opens a wingsuit to cover great distances on the map. While excellent for positioning and maneuverability, players have gotten quite creative with Specialist Sundance and his wingsuit and have started to show off a series of impressive kills using the ability.

In a clip posted on Battlefield 2042 subReddit, user sensei_downey jumped off a sand dune, activated the wingsuit by hovering a few feet above the ground. In an impressive showcase, they found an enemy lying face down and quickly measured him with a sniper rifle, all in one move.

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In the Breakaway map set in Antarctica, a user named Dashram20 glides high in the sky between two glaciers when he notices an enemy player shooting down below. As they get closer, they switch to a rocket launcher and fire it just as another teammate appears, getting two quick kills before activating the wingsuit again and flying.

While patrolling the skies over Renewal in Egypt, user Frank-the-First shows off his tank hunting skills while in the wingsuit. Using the tornado to help propel them over the mid-section wall, they spot a tank far below, approach it, and use 2 C4 explosives to take it out, achieving a multiple kill.

Finally creating a wingsuit montage is joeytman highlighting multiple moments within Battlefield 2042 including some that involve taking out enemy soldiers with a rocket launcher while shooting overhead. In another clip, they land near an enemy and pull out a knife to finish them off, although the distance between them appears to be quite significant. Another clip, which could be mistaken for a Michael Bay movie, shows joeytman flying over the rooftops of Orbital, taking out a couple of enemies using the rocket launcher before landing and finishing a few more with his weapon.

With the full release of Battlefield 2042 next week, players are hopeful that DICE can change the game, as highlighted by negative reviews from its current users. the Battlefield The series is no stranger to raw releases, so it stands to reason that, with a little time, patience, and updates, Battlefield 2042 can keep improving.

Battlefield 2042 launches November 19 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. Players with EA Play or Xbox Game Pass get one-week early access.

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