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Activison would not apply zero tolerance policy to Kotick because “there is no evidence” | LevelUp

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Activision Blizzard continues to talk about its criticized work environment. The latest scandal involves its CEO, Bobby Kotick, who was in the eye of the hurricane after strong accusations of harassment came to light. Well, after these events, it was revealed that there is something preventing Activision from applying its zero tolerance policy against its CEO.

The company’s leadership reaffirmed support for Bobby Kotick once again during a meeting that took place on the evening of November 17. At the meeting, according to employees who participated in it (via Game Developer) employees were allowed to question the way the company is run and took the opportunity to raise the issue of allegations against Bobby Kotick for alleged harassment, which the manager described as “inaccurate and misleading.”

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Activision would not apply policy to Kotick its policy against harassment

During the meeting it was questioned whether the zero tolerance policy against harassment that the company would adopt after the accusations that came to light at the beginning of the year also applies to Kotick and to their surprise, Activision leaders mentioned that they cannot apply it. because “there is no evidence” of the accusations that came to light this week because the events took place more than 1 decade ago.

That’s not all, according to sources, Activision extended the Thanksgiving break and they suspect it was a move to defuse criticism.

We remind you that despite the support from Activision leaders towards Kotick, after the accusations were made public, there has been a lot of criticism not only from the gaming community, but also from important industry executives , developers and shareholders. In fact, following other accusations, a veteran of Call of Duty he lost his position within Treyarch.

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In case you missed it: Bobby Kotick was the actual author of the controversial letter supposedly written by Townsend.

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