Thursday, December 8

You may be able to use WhatsApp on Mac, Windows, and iPad apps

WhatsApp is coming to iPad, Windows and Mac. And good news! These applications will be compatible with multiple devices, so there is no need to connect a phone.

Whatsapp He is currently developing applications for Mac, Windows and iPad with native support for multiple devices. The multi-device feature is currently in beta and allows the user to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without the need for a primary device (be it an iPhone or Android) to connect to an internet connection. The user can only have up to four additional devices paired together with the main phone in the current beta version. And if the primary phone is not used within 14 days, all paired devices will stop working.

Of course, it is in beta. So, these limitations could be a product of being in beta version. Regardless, multi-device is a great feature and is welcome for those who carry multiple phones. Before, there was no easy way to access WhatsApp on another device without having a primary device connected to the internet. WhatsApp makes it clear that multiple devices still maintain end-to-end encryption.

WABetaInfo is now reporting that WhatsApp is developing applications for Windows and Mac. The Windows application will be built under the Universal Windows Platform, and the Mac application will be built under Apple’s Catalyst. In both cases, the application will be created based on universal APIs, which will facilitate its development for their respective ecosystems. The Mac version of WhatsApp is interesting as the post says it is based on the unreleased iPad app, with some minor tweaks. All three apps will work with the multi-device feature of WhatsApp, so there is no need to have a phone turned on and connected to the internet to use the apps. It is unclear when the iPad app will be released.

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WhatsApp, but everywhere

Using WhatsApp on your desktop without going to a web browser is a great step in the right direction. A native experience with all the great WhatsApp features, including the ability to receive push notifications natively, will be a nice upgrade for those who prefer to use the desktop for messaging. It makes sense that WhatsApp is using universal platform tools to build its apps. It will make it easier for them to expand to more devices in the future. The Universal Windows Platform applications are designed to work on Windows, Windows Mobile, and the various Xbox device families. Meanwhile, Apple’s Catalyst helps developers migrate iPhone and iPad apps to Mac.

While not particularly popular here in the United States, WhatsApp is used by many around the world. It is often used as a primary form of communication. Be able to have a great Whatsapp The desktop experience is a very welcome change. Most of the other popular messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram, have applications for tablets and desktops, in addition to a web interface.

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