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xCloud made it to consoles; you can now play Series X | S titles on Xbox One | LevelUp

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Xbox promised that it would bring the power of the cloud to console users later this year. The company kept its word, because after some tests Xbox Cloud Gaming is finally available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

The cloud game service, available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will allow you to do very attractive things that will surprise more than one. How to play next-gen titles on Xbox One.

In addition, the long waiting times to try the extensive Xbox Game Pass catalog are over, because with Xbox Cloud Gaming you will not have to install anything to enjoy the titles that generate doubts.

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Next-gen titles can now be played on Xbox One with the cloud

This new use of Xbox Cloud Gaming will extend the life of your Xbox One a little more if you still do not make the move to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It will be enough that you have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access the service game in the cloud.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy games like The Medium, Recompile and The Riftbreaker on the last generation console. What’s more, Microsoft Flight Simulator It will be available to play from the cloud in early 2022. This will also apply to future releases that will only reach next-gen consoles.

As we mentioned, Xbox Cloud Gaming will also let you try Xbox Game Pass games almost instantly. So forget about long waits to start playing those heaviest titles in the catalog in Series X | S and One.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming came to consoles in beta, so it will continue to improve over time. It is available in countries like Mexico, Spain and soon in Brazil. Later the scope of the service will be extended to more regions.

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