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Xbox Series S would have outperformed Series X sales in some key markets

Launching the Xbox Series S model has not been a bad idea for Microsoft, which according to Ampere Analytics data, has managed to exceed the sales of its “big sister” Xbox Series X in certain markets important during the first year. Series S, without an optical disc reader and a lower power than Series X -because it is not oriented to 4K resolutions- has a lower price, but given the demand for the new generation it seems that the reason for its success is another: the highest availability.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad recalled that the proportion between PlayStation 5 is 80% in favor of the most expensive model and with a reader, data very different from what is being seen on Microsoft consoles. “Xbox has increased Series S production dramatically as it has trouble keeping Series X in stock“he says on Twitter. GamesIndustry corroborates this information and points out that the distribution on Xbox is approximately 50%, so in some markets there are more consoles of one model than another.

“Microsoft’s two-product strategy was daring,” says Ampere in his article, which notes how the Series S has found its place in an industry short on high-end console supplies. This is logically also setting the Xbox game sales trend, which leans more quickly to digital distribution than seen on other consoles – it is the only option for S Series users. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said in October 2020 that throughout the Series S generation it would likely outperform Series X.

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Sales estimates during the last quarter

At the end of September 2021 Ampere estimates that Xbox Series will have sold about 6.7 million consoles, while PlayStation 5 – its two models – will reach 12.8 million.

In this second half of the year, the manufacture of PlayStation 5 would have improved significantly, with 3.24 million consoles sold which are close to 3.91 million for Nintendo Switch in the same quarter. On the other hand, PS4 sales are slowing faster than expected, something that was within the possibilities for the backward compatibility of PS5.

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