Thursday, December 8

Xbox Cloud Gaming arrives today by surprise to Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One

We know that Xbox Cloud Gaming, the cloud gaming technology included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, was going to be available on consoles this Christmas, but it had not yet been specified from what day we would be able to play on. streaming from Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Now, completely by surprise and after going through tests on random groups of players, the company has announced that the game in the cloud is now available for everyone on both consoles.

At the moment this technology is in beta version in 25 regions including Spain and to which other countries such as Brazil will soon join. Little by little, it will reach new territories in which Xbox Cloud Gaming is not yet available, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Greece or India, although at the moment the date on which the cloud game will land on these has not been specified either. regions. You can see the complete list of available regions here.

Qu es Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Xbox Cloud Gaming es un Cloud gaming service built into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Those who have this membership can play video games without having to install them, as long as their bandwidth allows it. Until now this technology was only available on PC, iOS and Android, where it can be accessed both through the browser and via the Windows 10 app in the case of computers, but as of today it has also been integrated into Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One consoles.

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With this cloud gaming service, users will be able to Try select Xbox Game Pass titles without stopping to install them in its internal storage, thus facilitating the immediate exploration of new video games and helping the hard disk not to saturate. It is also a way that those who have not wanted or could not make the jump to Xbox Series X / S can play certain next-gen titles on your Xbox One, a console in which cloud gaming has been shown to perform better than the game itself hardware; here enter titles like Recompile, The Medium and The Riftbreaker, although Xbox ensures that it will continue to expand availability with games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, that be cloud compliant by early 2022.

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