Saturday, November 26

Windows 11 screen of death will be blue like classic versions of Windows

The “screen of death“From our computers has become one of the most disturbing and at the same time iconic signs of the many experiences and errors that we have had with our Windows-equipped gaming computers since the birth of the operating system in 1985.

As many of you know, on October 5, Microsoft published the new version of the OS, Windows 11, which comes with a lot of changes at the static level, among which was a change in the color of that screen of death that appears when there is a critical error in the system and that with the new version of Windows was black … until now.

And it is that with the last update Windows 11, Microsoft has decided return things to their natural state and recover the emblematic color blue of the screen of death for this latest version of Windows that returns to that classic color that was already part of the popular culture of Windows and that, for some reason, the Redmond had decided to change in their latest Windows.

Patches to fix issues from release

As is often the case every time a new operating system is released, Windows 11 has been released with a good handful of news with which Microsoft wants to make its system the best to play with, but also cwith some errors that they have had to fix during this first month and a half.

Among them we find some patches to fix certain performance problems that the AMD Ryzen processors had in Windows 11 while, on the other hand, the “insiders” in charge of testing the preliminary versions of Windows have begun to test the functionality that allows us to run Android applications natively on our computers.

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You … have you already installed Windows 11? How is your experience with the new Microsoft operating system?

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