Thursday, December 1

Windjammers 2 is also coming to Xbox One and will be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass.

It doesn’t have a release date yet, but as time goes on Windjammers 2 adding new platforms In which it will be possible to play when its premiere day arrives: it was first announced for Nintendo Switch and PC, more than two years ago, then its arrival on Stadia was confirmed and this summer it was announced that it will be available on PS5 and PS4. Now Dotemu, the company in charge of its development, has added one more new platform, Xbox One, and has confirmed that It will be playable at launch on Xbox Game Pass both computer and console.

In addition to announcing the new platforms, today there was also a new trailer from Windjammers 2 in which we can see two combatants face: Sammy Ho, a new character from China, and Jordi Costa, the Spanish athlete who returns to competition in this new installment of the saga Windjammers. You can see them in motion below:

You will have cross-play between Xbox and PC

Sammy Ho, the new fighter, is “a budding star athlete and outfielder from China,” according to the official description provided by Dotemu. It stands out for its agility at medium distance and for its powerful throws, as well as for a powerful special movement that allows channel the energy of a fierce dragon to “make withering shots on goal.”

Windjammers 2 It still has no release date, as we said before, but we do know that it will arrive on PS5, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Stadia. It has also been confirmed that having cross-play between certain platforms: For example, players on PlayStation consoles will be able to play games online between them, and those of Xbox and PC will also be able to play together.

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