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WhatsApp Plus: What is it and how to download it?

After the recent fall of WhatsApp, many users have stopped having the Facebook instant messaging application exclusively and combine it with others, such as Telegram, Signal or Line.

But in addition to them, there is an application developed in Spain, WhatsApp Plus, What is it a version of the original ‘app’, an unauthorized update of Facebook (the company that owns the messaging application), which shares the design and functions of the original, and even surpasses it: the option ‘Online can be hidden ‘and that of “Writing”, there are exclusive emoticons, you can program text messages and respond automatically to someone who has written to you and hide or hide the profile image from people who have your phone.

The latest update of Whatsapp plus It also includes other options, such as recover deleted photos of a cat. [Consulta también cómo poner la negrita y el subrayado en Whatsapp.]

Installer file in APK format

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To download WhatsApp Plus, you have to look for the application on the web in an installer file in APK format, which is an executable file, checking the URL so as not to download any program that could damage your computer. When you find it, you must delete, if you have it, the original WhatsApp. Then, install WhatsApp Plus and later, put the mobile phone number.

It should be noted that, as the original WhatsApp must be deleted, if you want to keep the conversations you must make a backup copy from the settings and, later, reinstall it in WhatsApp Plus.

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