Friday, November 25

Vidal was expelled for this kick in the face of a rival like that of Griezmann to Firmino

EThe veteran Chilean player left his team inferiority at minute 14 for a serious dangerous play action in which he raised the plate to try to touch a ball and ended up taking an opponent ahead in an action that was very reminiscent of the game. Griezmann’s red against Liverpool at the Wanda.

Griezmann left his team with 10 after a brutal kick in the head of Firmino

The gestures of immediate regret from the player of Inter Milan seem to make it clear that he had no intention of hurting his rival that he worried about as soon as he saw him fall to the ground. The referee, however, did not take pity on the Chilean and Ecuador took advantage of the advantage to prevail in a game that brings them very close to the 2022 World Cup while Chile’s streak slows after three consecutive wins.

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