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To the Mexican! Xbox celebrates its 20 years with mariachi | LevelUp

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The games division of Microsoft threw the house out the window to celebrate 20 years of Xbox and is that the history of the brand has seen successes, failures and a constant struggle to position itself in the industry. Since yesterday, the most important Xbox figures have been part of the celebration and through different means we have learned the details of the different ways in which they have celebrated, such as what happened on Xbox Mexico who stood up for our country with something traditional.

A theme of Halo with mariachi he surprised at the Xbox Mexico celebration

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox General Marketing Manager, shared a very moving moment of the celebration carried out by Xbox Mexico for the 20 years of the brand. In this case, the party had a very Mexican touch as a mariachi arrived ready to delight the audience with nothing more and nothing less than an arrangement of a song by Halo.

The detail that took place at the Xbox Mexico party caught the attention of the fans, who soon congratulated the team in charge of the brand in our country, led by Naxla Mina. Likewise, it was established that Mexico is one of the most important commercial territories of Xbox because since the launch of the first console, in the now distant 2001, it immediately conquered the players.

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As part of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Xbox, we prepared a special article where you will learn the most interesting details that led to the creation of the first Microsoft console.

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