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The terror of Alien: Isolation will come very soon to mobile devices | LevelUp

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The franchise Alien He has many video games behind him, but one of the most outstanding is, without a doubt, Alien: Isolation. This single-player adventure debuted back in 2014 and allowed us to experience firsthand the horror of being prey to a Xenomorph. If you do not have consoles or a PC powerful enough to run this title, you will be happy to know that very soon you will be able to play it through your mobile device.

Through a press release, SEGA announced today that this outstanding space horror video game will arrive on December 16 on iOS and Android devices and will only cost $ 14.99 USD.

This mobile version of Alien: Isolation will include the base game and the 7 downloadable content packages, including the episodes Last Survivor and Crew Expendable.

Alien: Isolation for mobile will be faithful to the original experience

In the statement, SEGA assured that the version for mobile devices will not have concessions, so fans can expect an experience relatively similar to that of the original game. We can believe the above thanks to the fact that the person in charge of this project is Feral Interactive, a studio that also worked on the excellent port for Nintendo Switch.

Alien: Isolation for mobile devices it will have its own touch interface that, fortunately, will be fully customizable, so that users will be able to adapt the control schemes according to their needs and tastes. Of course, the experience will also be compatible with external controls.

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But tell us, are you planning to give the mobile version of this horror title a try? Let us read you in the comments.

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