Monday, November 28

The creators of Yakuza and Lost Judgment are working on a new saga

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the developer behind the saga Yakuza and Judgment, confirms through a new interview granted exclusively to Famitsu (goes VGC) that its creatives are already working on a new saga. This has been confirmed Masayoshi Yokoyama, studio director, who has not revealed any clues about what we can expect from this new franchise, although it would not be surprising that it was similar to the two aforementioned sagas in view of its popularity and success among players.

We are working on unannounced titles separate from the saga Yakuza and Judgment“Yokoyama revealed during the interview. Keep in mind that the sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon is confirmed, so everything indicates that from the study they are carrying out several simultaneous developments. Unfortunately for fans of Judgment, it seems that the future of the franchise is uncertain due to issues related to actor Takuya Kimura’s image rights. “We will continue to appreciate the Judgment series,” said the studio director.

Sega’s plans for the future of its sagas

Whatever this new saga, it is likely that it will end simultaneously reaching all territories and on the largest number of platforms given the new strategy that they want to follow from Sega. The Japanese company believes that this new strategy will help boost the already good sales of its sagas.

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