Monday, December 5

The Big Brain Academy demo is now downloadable for Nintendo Switch

Do you feel like hitting the coconut? Big Brain Academy: Battle of Wits It will be launched next September 3 and it can already be booked in GAME with several very desirable incentives, although if you still have doubts about the title, a free demo on the Nintendo eShop of Nintendo Switch as Nintendo has communicated to us through a press release. Like the acclaimed titles of Brain Training, this multiplayer title is intended for all those players who want to improve your skill and mental agility with a wide range of fun activities that are scored at the end of each game.

A game that exercises the mind of the whole family

In the demo you can try first-hand the review mode, which includes a considerable variety of puzzles that test the abilities of our brain in three categories: perception, acuity and calculation. Of course, the full game will include many more exercises focused on this and other categories such as memory and analysis, so the demo is just the tip of the iceberg of what the title offers in the version that will hit physical stores and shops. which can now be pre-ordered through the Nintendo eShop. The Party mode, designed for up to four players, put your skills and that of your family and friends to the test with a selection of activities to be solved in the shortest possible time; Whoever has the highest score wins.

Big Brain Academy is a game for all ages and that is why It has several levels of difficulty that are perfectly adapted so that children and adults can enjoy it. Dr. Azo will be our companion in the exam mode, a modality that scores our brain vigor based on our performance in a succession of five activities. The player can win coins depending on the score achieved that can be exchanged for outfits for the avatar with whom we play. If the exam mode seems stressful to you, the game also has the practical mode, aimed at replaying activities without pressure.

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