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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin shows its characters in new images

Square Enix and developer Team Ninja have shown new information and images of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the action RPG inspired by the myths of the saga Final Fantasy. Its release is scheduled for March 18 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC -Epic Games Store-.

These new screenshots show us various characters, such as the pirate captain Bike, who controls the city of Pravoca; his weapon of choice is a huge two-handed ax. We also see the king of Cornelia, who sees in Jack, the protagonist, the hope to stop Chaos. Minister Lagone tirelessly searches for someone who corresponds to Luka’s prophecy and thus documenting the adventure of Jack and his companions for posterity. Finally, Queen Juana is the mother of Sara and Mia gives priority to her family and Cornelia’s population, an idea that she has transmitted to her daughters.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin new characters and details

The combat system

Although we have already seen his gameplay -and proven, thanks to its demo-, Square Enix stands out the Rupture bar as one of its key elements of the combat system. Reducing the enemy’s Break bar is very important when attacking and therefore you need to use skills to reduce the enemy’s yellow bar; Once consumed, this opponent is crystallized and you can execute Breakthrough to destroy it with one blow.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin new characters and details

On the other hand, Jack’s Break bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen and is consumed when using Coraznima or attack guards. The bar recovers over time, but Jack will be knocked out if it reaches zero. One of the most interesting aspects of immediate skills is that they do not consume PM and therefore can be used much more often. You can learn more with our last impressions.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin new characters and details

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