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So you can download WhatsApp Delta easily and quickly

Whatsapp is the messaging application par excellence, the most downloaded in the world. Its immediacy and its gratuitousness makes it the favorite of young people, who do not hesitate to apply their own rules to give a different style to their messages, either by using stickers or different font styles, such as bold and underlined, to highlight what they want to say. That is why the main developers of ‘apps’ try to take advantage of the pull it has and make supposedly improved versions.

One of the best known and that works best is Whatsapp plus. But, in addition, there are also WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Aero … and now, WhatsApp Delta.

Possible blockage

The first thing to note is that WhatsApp does not recognize any of these applications and also threatens to suspend the official account of people who download these ‘pirate’ apps. In his official blog, he points out that all people who use modified versions of the application could suffer a temporary ban – a blockage – of their account. Although this suspension is usually 24 hours, recurring frequently can cause WhatsApp to block your account permanently and you cannot recover it. “If after your account has been temporarily suspended you do not start using the legitimate version, your account could be permanently blocked. These unofficial applications are developed by third parties and violate our terms of service. WhatsApp does not endorse its use & rdquor ;, notes the company.

How is

WhatsApp Delta logo is a triangular figure and a green logo. As with other applications such as SKEDit and Wasavi, which are completely unrelated to WhatsApp, with it you can program and edit messages. In addition, the sender of the messages can have them delete themselves automatically when the recipient of the messages has read them. The ‘app’ also allows you to see if the contacts are online even when they hide it, among other options.

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Related news

However, as with the other ‘apps’ that do not belong to the Facebook company, WhatsApp Delta does not have the end-to-end encryption of the original ‘app’, so conversations, photos, videos and files are recorded and may fall into the hands of third parties. In addition, as it is not an official version, you cannot download it from the Android and i OS stores, so they will not have the security offered by the Play Store and the App Store either.

If in spite of everything you want to download WhatsApp Delta and run the risk of adding a ‘malware’ that infects your device and can steal your private information, what you have to do is look for the application on the web in an installer file in APK format, which is an executable file, checking the URL so as not to download any program that could damage your computer.

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