Sunday, December 4

Saints Row No Longer Coming in February – Delayed to Aug 23

Deep Silver and developer Volition have announced a delay in the release date of Saints Row, that from February 25 to August 23 of 2022. To be available, as it was already known, in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC -Epic Games Store-.

“Our priority is to create the best Saints Row and, if we launch it on the original date, it will not have the standard that we have set, which you expect and deserve, “says the study in the official statement.”The team needs more time to do justice to our vision, we are making small adjustments and there will not be many changes except in the general quality and polish. “They also acknowledge having underestimated the impact of COVID-19 on the calendar, although” everyone quickly adapted to working from home “without losing the productivity.

“However, by the size and ambition of our new Saints Row, it has become clear that we need to create the best game possible and we must give our team the precise time to create it. “They also reiterate that there will be no changes in the story or characters that they have” imagined during the last years and we have already shared with you “, which means that you are not thinking about changing the appearance of the characters, an issue that had divided fans.

“As players, we know what it feels like to have a delayed pitch that you’ve been waiting for, it’s frustrating and you feel disappointed. But we know that when Saints Row it is in your hands it will have deserved the wait. Our top priority is to get this right. “

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It would have coincided with the launch of the Elden Ring

The news does not mention the problem with the dates of other games, but it should be noted that the original date -February 25- was the same as that of Elden Ring after her slight delay – it was announced for January – and she was also very close to Horizon Forbidden West -February 18- or his main rival, Grand Theft Auto 5 in the new generation -March-. Four open world adventures and dozens of hours in such a short space of time it would not have been a good strategy for these long awaited games.

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