Sunday, December 4

Previous qualifying round of the Copa del Rey live

Diez regional category teams dream of being this Thursday (16.30 hours) in the draw for the first round of the Copa del Rey. A historic preliminary round for twenty modest teams hoping to cross their path with ten LaLiga Santander clubs.


Naln CF 0-0 SD Solares Medio Cudeyo (1 Part)

CD Utrillas CD Graft (19.00 hours)

Villager CD Unami CP (7.30pm)

Victoria CF. CD Hernani (7.30pm)

CF San Agustn del Guadalix Lives CF (20.00 hours)

CF Independent Alicante Ceuta June 6 (8.30 pm)

CD Villa de Fortuna Atltico Espeleo (8.30 pm)

CFJ Mollerussa SE Penya Independent (20.30 hours)

CD Huracn Atarfe Industrial CF (9 pm)

CD Laguna CF Jaraz (21.30 hours)

In the Asturian town of Olloniego this round of copera begins. There they face Naln and the Cantabrian group of Solares. The president of the Asturian team, Pablo Rodrguez, faces this meeting with emotion: “This is the game of our life. First, because even if it is a previous round we are playing the Copa del Rey, I do not know if we will do it again, and because we are at ninety minutes of playing with a First Division, which for a people like us is extremely important. “

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