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Pre-order Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin at GAME and get a metal box

Offered by GAME Spain.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is the new and indita delivery of Final Fantasy, an exciting action RPG developed by Team Ninja, a team specialized in action games. Reserve this Square Enix title at GAME stores or the website and get a gift that no fan of the saga can miss: a metal box with a design that will make you fall in love. Do not let it escape! Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin launches March 18.

This action RPG will put you in the shoes of Jack, who must face numerous challenges to return the light of the Crystals to Cornelia, a kingdom shrouded in darkness. To defeat your rivals in bloody battles, you have all kinds of skills at your disposal. You also have a wide range of jobs and weapons with which to customize the members of your team and various levels of difficulty so that the game experience is fully adapted to your tastes. But return peace with the light of the Crystals? Or give rise to a new form of darkness … or something else entirely?

An action combat system

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin traffic inA story with multiple layers of action and intense combat. The battles present the typical movements and skills of the series Final Fantasy, as well as dynamic skills for weapons. After consuming the enemy’s Break bar, top it off with Breakthrough to smash the crystallized opponent.

In addition, the various weapons, such as greatswords, short swords, and spears, determine a character’s work in equipping them. TOyou will acquire new skills and jobs through a development system called a job tree.

Play in cooperative with a group of up to 3 players Through online multiplayer mode and discover the main story and side missions in the company of your friends.

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