Saturday, November 26

Phil Spencer charges against NFTs and the danger they pose to video games

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, reveals in an interview granted exclusively for Axios (goes VGC) your concerns about the union between the world of NFT and video games. Broadly speaking, the Xbox boss believes that NFTs encourage speculative practices and that they feel its use is more related to exploitation than entertainment. Spencer has recently ruled on other issues of interest to players, such as the sustainability of Game Pass or the exclusivity of The Elder Scrolls VI for Xbox consoles and PC.

“What I would say today about NFTs is that I think there is a lot of speculation and experimentation going on right now, and that some of the creativity i see today feels more exploitative than not about entertainmentSpencer explained about her view of the current situation. we take action“He concluded in his remarks. Spencer’s position on NFTs is very firm and it is clear that the Xbox executive prioritizes entertainment over speculative practices.

EA, Sega and Ubisoft in favor of NFTs

NFTs are a hot topic affecting the video game industry and it should be noted that Spencer’s position is not the same as that of other companies and studios. While Steam does not allow games with NFT and that involve cryptocurrencies, Sega unleashed the controversy with its NFTs and Ubisoft will be interested in developing its own video games with this system. On the other hand, Electronic Arts is positive about the possibilities of NFTs linked to video games to the point that he declared that this union is inevitable going forward.

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