Sunday, December 4

Om Nom: Run is now available on Nintendo Switch • Console and Dashboard

About Nom: Run just released on Nintendo Switch. Its creators, ZeptoLab, have already taken their game to iOS and Android, being the turn of the console, hand in hand with QubicGames. As its name suggests, running and overcoming obstacles to reach the goal becomes our mission. Mastering it will not be as easy as its controls.


If there is something fun, in addition to the gameplay and the face of the more than 20 characters to choose from, it is the possibility of putting different costumes on them. The possibilities are wide, from being the closest thing to the ice man to becoming a thief who would not envy Lupine.

There are three ways to enjoy About Nom: Run. The campaign mode will guide us through the adventure so that we can see all its aspects and characteristics, in 120 levels, visiting nine different places. Free mode is presented as the freedom to run and run.

Finally, we find the multiplayer mode, which allows you to play in split screen, with up to 4 players, or on the same screen, with up to 8 players. The thing does not stop there, since it would be tremendously bland to run without more than one level to another. The coins appear, to be obtained while we fulfill the different achievements. Of course, there is no shortage of power-ups to jump more or even a rocket.

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