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MADiSON, the horror adventure inspired by PT, shows 12 minutes of gameplay

Of the existence of MADiSON we found out just over four months ago, in early July. We knew it was a game of first person horror, which is developed by the Argentine studio Nosebleed Games formed by two people, and that expands the essence of Playable Teaser from Silent Hills mixing it with mechanics of Clock Tower and Project Zero.

The American division of the portal IGN has posted a gameplay, inserted below these lines, where they show the first 12 minutes of the game, where horror fans will see clearly the references to the time they meet a harrowing and interesting proposal.

Puzzles, corridors and photographs

The game begins with the protagonist trapped in a room that is made of foxes, his father pounding on the door from the outside, apparently insane, and no exit in sight. Exploring the room he finds several items that allow you to interact with various elements of the stage until he comes across a hammer, which he uses to break some planks to get to his grandfather’s adjoining house.

It is at that moment when the playable begins to see the similarities with the P.T. by Kojima Productions: the player will have to explore different rooms of that home solving puzzles along the way, but the part central be an ele-shaped corridor that in each journey hides a scare or a secret. There will be times when nothing can be seen and the player will have to use the flash of your analog camera to be able to see in the dark.

“In this first person psychological horror game, you will have to survive the torture of a terrifying demon named MADiSON“reads the synopsis offered by the development studio.” Playing as Luca you will discover a disturbing story as you look forced to continue a sinister ritual that started decades ago. “

MADiSON will be put on sale for PC through Steam the January 7, 2022.

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