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Intelligence to get excellent coffee

The super automatic coffee maker model The Oracle Touch, de Sage Appliances, It is an intelligent machine that allows you to select the type of coffee in a simple way, thanks to the technological possibilities it integrates. In everyday use it stands out for the optimal quality of its espressos, as well as its 5 preset types of coffee: Capuccino, Flat White, espresso, latte y long blackIt is also possible to customize up to 8 types of coffees according to personal taste, adjusting temperature and ingredients.

It is a model that is positioned in the segment of high end, but given the results in the kitchen, it is possible to affirm that it has a Great value for the price and due to its benefits, it is above the level of its direct competition. Another noteworthy fact is that it works through an automated process (from milling, pressing, extracting and steaming the milk) which makes it possible to obtain results of a similar quality at all times.

Machine design

It allows you to customize up to 8 types of coffees and assign them an icon and a special name. Another notable value is the possibility of obtaining micro-foamed milk, with a silky and velvety texture.

In terms of design, it has the appearance of a super automatic coffee maker with a minimalist aesthetic, which includes a touch screen in the center of the front panel. Its stainless steel housing covered with anti-fingerprint coating gives it a distinguished image.


The model is prepared, as we have indicated, to make different types of coffee and, additionally, the user has the option of choosing the type of grinding, infusion and frothing of the coffee on the touch screen, which can be done at the same time. than the extraction, since it has an independent resistance, to provide the adequate texture to the milk.

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The grinding function is also automated (it only grinds the necessary amount) to then carry out the pressing process in the filter holder, automatically. The equipment integrates digital temperature control technology (PID), so that the optimum temperature is ensured in the extraction process. One of the outstanding values ​​of the product is that the water pressure increases progressively to pre-infuse the grind and achieve a good expansion of the coffee, a key element for a good taste.

Flexible model

Due to its characteristics, the model is suitable for demanding users in terms of coffee quality, but it is also suitable for those who seek to enjoy a good taste without worrying too much about the preparation, in this sense the help of the touch screen is a simple tool to get good coffee

Product Keys

The degree of grinding, pressing and temperature control, as well as the extraction time are automatic, which ensures optimal results in each use.

Touch screen with simple interface that shows menus and characteristics of the type of coffee that the machine can prepare.

Professional results thanks to the technology integrated in the equipment.

With the ideal dose of 19 to 22 g freshly ground, it creates a coffee with body and a delicious and complex aroma. This dose allows the coffee to express its aroma, intense flavor and distinctive character.

Personalized results

The sweet and nuanced flavor notes begin with a precise control of the water temperature, through digital temperature control (PID) technology a balanced extraction of the coffee is achieved, which gives the necessary consistency to prepare it to measure.

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An opulent, creamy and caramel-colored espresso begins with a low pressure pre-infusion that soaks the coffee and allows the water to pass through homogeneously during the high pressure extraction process (9 bar), as is the case in this coffee maker using a Italian 15 bar pump.

The milk is pressure textured, creating thousands of tiny bubbles that enhance the flavor, while the temperature draws out the sweetness of the milk.


It is a simple coffee machine to operate from the touch screen, and allows automatic control of the degree of grinding, the compaction in the filter holder, and the water temperature, by means of digital technology that avoids alterations in the taste of the coffee.

An added value is the integration of a menu configured to personalize the taste and type of coffee.

The machine provides the right dose, precise temperature control and sufficient steam power to replicate the performance of professional coffee machines.

This state-of-the-art, automatic, touchscreen coffee maker simplifies the way you make coffee. Allows you to adjust the intensity, the texture and the temperature of the milk to prepare it to taste. It can then be saved with a unique name as it creates and saves up to 8 custom modalities.

A good team for foodies techie.


Dimensiones: 39.2 x 37.3 x 45.4 cm

Materials: Brushed stainless steel

Pressure pump: 15 bar

Power: 2400 watts

Voltage: 220-240 volts

Water tank capacity: 2.5 liters

Coffee tank capacity: 280 g

Settings: Touch screen with 5 pre-programmed classic coffees, plus 8 personalized coffee preparations. Adjustable grinding control. Timer Programmable milk temperature and texture. Espresso single / double

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Unique steam heater with integrated heat exchange offers thermal stability

The integrated PID controlled heater maintains thermal stability in the group.

Doses and presses automatically

Adjustable grind control

Timer with clock that shows the duration of the extraction

Programmable milk temperature and texture

Dimensiones:  38.1 x 30.5 x 35.6 cm


Sage the Oracle Touch finished in brushed stainless steel it has a price of 2.599,90 €.

technical values

Dosing: the integrated conical grinder grinds, doses and presses 22 grams of coffee automatically, similar to what professional machines do

Water temperature: Oracle Touch uses digital temperature control technology (PID), to manage an optimal temperature throughout the process.

Water pressure: The overpressure valve (opv) serves to limit the maximum pressure during extraction, which avoids bitter tastes in the coffee. It also has an initially low pre-brew pressure, gradually increasing to expand the grind little by little and achieve a uniform extraction.

Related news

Vapor pressure: Good coffee needs a delicate balance between the taste and sweet notes of micro-foamed milk. The frother, powered by an independent heating element, automatically texturizes the milk to taste and at the chosen temperature, creating a barista-style microfoam.

Triple heat system: The steam boiler with integrated heat exchange offers thermal stability. The boiler with digital PID control supplies a precise temperature of the water. Heated group with digital temperature control (PID) maintains thermal stability.

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