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Hyundai’s retro electric cars are the best you’ll see this year

Hyundai paid tribute to two of its classic designs, the 1985 Grandeur luxury sedan and its first car, the Pony hatchback, reinvented as retro electric vehicles.

Hyundai He’s been having fun exploring some older designs reimagined as modern electric vehicles, and the internet is buzzing with excitement for these retro concept cars. The latter is long, handsome and stylish, while earlier this year a sleek economy car with a hatchback returned from the past to generate similar interest. Retro styling seems to be all the rage right now, and Hyundai is joining in on the excitement.

Reinventing the old classics could become a new automotive trend. For example, Volkswagen launched a retro VW Beetle in 1997 and it has proven to be a worthy addition to the lineup, which will continue to be manufactured until 2019. More recently, the VW Microbus is reinventing itself as an electric vehicle with a planned launch so soon. in 2023. American manufacturers are also joining in the fun with electric versions of the Hummer, Ford F150 pickup and Jeep Wrangler. All have electric versions available or coming soon, keeping the classic look while sporting the newest and greenest technology.

Hyundai Retro 2021 concept cars go back decades to remind us of some cool and original design options that resonate with modern styles. Thirty-five years after the 1986 Grandeur flagship sedan rolled off the assembly line and turned heads with its classic, low, long, sleek styling, it has been reborn as an electric car. The new design features Hyundai’s parametric pixel LED headlights, similar to those found on the Ioniq 5 EV. However, in addition, it delves into history to cover the interior with burgundy velvet and Napa leather. The second Hyundai The retro concept car is an inexpensive hatchback with a unique design.

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Hyundai Pony Concept EV

In 1975, Hyundai produced a hatchback called the Pony, its first car and one of the first cars made in Korea, preceded only by a Jeep-type pickup that was made in 1955 called the Sibal. The Pony naturally holds a special place in Hyundai’s history, and it’s exciting to see it reinvented as an electric vehicle. The company was not satisfied with simply adding an EV powertrain. Hyundai updated the styling with rounded corners on the fenders while retaining the trimmed front end that gives it a sporty look.

The interiors of both concept electric vehicles are updated with technology appropriate for 2021 with a widescreen infotainment dashboard on the Grandeur and a steampunk-like Nixie tube display on the Pony. As attractive as these retro electric vehicles may be, it is essential to recognize that Hyundai has framed them as tributes and concept cars. That means they may never be made like modern, buyable cars. Instead of, Hyundai remember these great styles of the past while pointing to the future with cars designed from the ground up with aerodynamic and structural advancements to be the best possible electric vehicles with modern technology.

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