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How to see who saw your Instagram stories

Instagram Stories were a huge hit with users around the world. They are interesting, customizable, and offer great entertainment. It is for this reason; they are as fun to watch as they are to make. If you’ve taken advantage of Instagram’s Stories feature, you’ll probably love getting feedback on who’s viewing your artwork.

In this edition of the Tips and Tricks series, we take a look at how to see who viewed your Instagram Story.

How to see who viewed your Instagram story

Almost everyone likes to share things, but the best part of the whole process is finding out who has seen it. We all want to know who is watching us. Fortunately, you can see all the people who viewed your Stories after posting them. That’s how:

  1. Open Instagram and tap on your Story icon in the upper left corner.
  2. In the lower left corner you will see another user’s profile icon. This indicates that someone has seen your story.
  3. Touch the icon to see all the users who have viewed your content.
  4. If you don’t see the icon in the lower left, it means that no one has seen your story.
  5. If you want to verify that no other users have seen your story, swipe up from the bottom. You will see that no names are listed.

Now that you know how to see who saw your story, there is still a lot to learn.

More people see your first story than the last for two reasons: When someone swipes right, they will always see your first story, and you can skip the rest of someone’s story by swiping right instead of tapping or clicking. click right. If you want to see who has seen all of your stories, including the first one on your screen, click on “Seen by …” in the lower left corner.

How to check the analysis of your Instagram story

The analyzes are slightly different from the views we discussed earlier. While Analytics doesn’t tell you who viewed your content, it will give you a wealth of insight into how your Stories are performing. From the number of other users reached to the number of views you’ve had, Analytics is the perfect tool for marketers and influencers alike.

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The next step is to verify your analyzes.

If you have a business account, this list will appear so you can do the following:

  • Keep track of how many people see your story
  • Press next
  • Get out of your story
  • Follow the person because they saw your story

The above features are useful if you want to get a decent following on your Instagram account.

To view your analyzes, click or press the graph icon (marked by the red box on the screen) to view the page. If you’re not worried about growing a channel, these stats won’t mean much to you, but they’re great to see.

To exit these screens, click on your phone again and you will be returned to the home screen.

When it comes to privacy, only you can see who has visited your story and how many visits it had. If it’s a total failure, you’ll appreciate this little detail.

As you can see, seeing who viewed your Instagram Stories is not that complicated. Just follow the guide above and voila!

Should you worry about someone seeing your stories?

With regard to the Internet and social media, in particular, many users ask, “When should you be concerned about your privacy?” There is not exactly a simple answer here. There are several reasons why you might want to see who is reviewing your content.

Are you trying to impress a person and hope that they will notice? Are you trying to follow your path to Instagram fame? Or are you worried that someone is viewing your content for nefarious purposes?

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If you’re wondering if a crush or influencer is noticing your Stories, it would probably be easier to ask them if they saw them, if they had any advice, or if they liked them, since you can’t see how many times they saw them. .

Assuming you’d like to pursue your path to fame, switch your Instagram account to a professional account where you can get real-time updates and analytics.

Lastly, if someone is stalking or harassing you, block them. It’s that simple, honestly. You can also report abusive users and those who use your Instagram story for reasons that go against the Community Guidelines.

Is it possible to watch a story without the creator knowing?

If you are concerned about your safety or an Instagram stalker, you may be curious if someone can view your story without being detected. While some third-party apps and websites claim to do this, most don’t actually allow anyone to view your content if it’s private and you’re not your friend.

There is a solution that many Instagram users trust, but it can be a bit tricky and only shows a preview of the story. If you are not familiar with all the functions of Instagram Stories, it is possible to pause and preview the next one without being detected.

By choosing a story to the right of theirs, the user can long press the current story and slowly drag the screen to the right, where they could preview their story. Since the user never fully opened their story, they would never know they were interested.

However, if they scrolled all the way to the right, Instagram would recognize that they opened your Story and you would receive a notification. So like we said, it can be tricky.

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Frequent questions

In case our article doesn’t answer all of your questions, we’ve included more information here.

Can anyone tell how many times he saw his story?

No, although there are some very weighted theories that those who watch the stories the most will appear at the top, these have yet to be proven. If you suspect that someone is viewing your story multiple times and you don’t want them to, it may be a good idea to hide your story from them entirely. You can do this when posting, select the option with whom to share your story, and exclude that person if there are any concerns.

Can anyone tell if I take a screenshot of a story?

Instagram tends to come and go about this, but not currently. Only direct messages with photos on Instagram send screenshot alerts. It’s best to avoid putting anything online that you don’t want someone to save later.

Can I say who viewed my profile?

No, the only indicator that someone is snooping is if they interact with your profile. For example, click on your story, comment, like, share, etc.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram story after 24 hours?

Only if you have configured your Instagram account settings to archive your stories, visit the horizontal three-dot icon from your Profile page to access your Archives. According to Instagram, the Stories in your archive folder will only show your viewers for 48 hours, so if you want to investigate who viewed your Stories, you will need to act quickly.

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