Thursday, December 1

“Hazard was not fit to play two games in a row”

Eden Hazard’s physique is debated every day, day too. And for some time it has not been an issue that only concerns Real Madrid. The player, who left before time of the concentration with the Belgium Football Team -they were mathematically classified before the inconsequential clash against Wales last Tuesday-, it is not going through its best moment. Perhaps it was for that very reason that the federation gave him the OK to return to Madrid, although the reality is that he is barely playing with the white team.

Your situation seems complicated. At least that is what the statements made by Axel Witsel, Hazard’s teammate, reveal. “Hazard was not fit enough to play two games. That’s what Roberto Martnez told us“explained the Borussia Dortmund midfielder.

A difficult season

Furthermore, Eden did not even play the first full game.. During Belgium’s victory over Estonia (3-1), Hazard retired from the green, without scoring a goal once again, in the 62nd minute. He was replaced by his younger brother, Thorgan. It worries, since it is the third game in a row with the national team in which they left the field without seeing the door. During this season it has only managed to pierce the rival network once, and it was with Belgium precisely; He has not yet made his debut with Real Madrid. Be that as it may, some of his teammates have wanted to step out and defend the Belgian’s current style of play.

“Eden has a strong injury history. Now, as usual, he avoids more contact in his game. When you have such a past, you subconsciously think about it. However, that is not why he no longer dribbles 5 or 6 players per game. You don’t need to do that to play a good game. Now he moves more intelligently in the field“, explained Christian Benteje, teammate.

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