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GTA: San Andreas – Bridal Guide

For Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Definitive Edition players looking for a girlfriend for CJ, here’s where to find the six women to date.

With the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, both new and returning players can finally dive into the new remastered version of GTA San Andreas with enhanced graphics and lighting effects. However, dining at restaurants, clothing shopping, and hitting the gym aren’t the only ways players can get lost in the game, as there are also several women CJ can start romances with.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it was a milestone in games for many reasons. In addition to the fun and addicting gameplay, Rockstar Games really delved into creating an engaging narrative filled with some of the most memorable ones. Grand Theft Auto characters, as the game follows CJ and expertly shows his feelings and relationship with not just other gang members, but various scheming women throughout the story.

How to get a girlfriend for CJ in GTA: San Andreas

There are up to six women CJ can start a relationship with, and there are certain conditions that must be met before he can establish a loving relationship with each of them. Mainly, players will need to progress through the story to open up new areas and gain access to all the possible romantic options in the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. That said, this is only necessary for two of the six women, while the other women meet during the game rather than being linked to missions.

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All the brides in GTA: San Andreas

Starting with the two brides who are linked to the story, Denise Robinson is the first girlfriend that CJ will have in the game. Now famous for its bad graphics on the GTA trilogy, Denise makes an appearance during the mission. Burning desire. After saving her life, she is now willing to go on a date with CJ, who rewards the player with the Hustler vehicle and a pimp outfit.

In one of the strangest moments of GTA story, bride Millie Perkins is found during the mission “Key to your heart.” On this level, CJ sets up a robbery at a mafia-owned casino, and to gain access to the building, he needs a key card. So Carl learns that he must hook up with one of the casino dealers the hard way. To win his affection and the key card, CJ must wear a “gimp” suit during his “special time.”

Now the following brides can be found all over the map and are not tied to the narrative progression like the ones above. It should also be noted that each woman has her own unique perks and rewards for dating them:

  • Michelle Cannes – At Doherty driving school. Reward CJ with free access to his version of a Pay ‘n’ Spray garage and a runner’s tracksuit.
  • Barbara Schternvart – Interior of the El Quebrados Police Station. She rewards CJ with a police outfit that allows him to access vehicle impounds without being searched.
  • Katie Zhan – Near the San Fierro Gym golf course. She rewards CJ with a medic uniform and the ability to keep his weapons after he dies.
  • Helena Wankstein – At the Ammu-Nation store in Blueberry. She rewards CJ with full access to the cars on her farm, along with rural clothing.
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How to make CJ date a girlfriend in GTA: San Andreas

Once a bond has been established with any of the women, a heart icon will now appear on the map to mark their home. If the player wants to go on a date, they will need to go home and drive to the red marker. Doing so will cause them to leave your house to say hello and ask Carl Johnson about one of three dating options: price, home, or a drive.

  • Price – Drive to a fast food outlet, bar, restaurant or restaurant.
  • Home – Go to a nightclub and complete a dance minigame.
  • Drive – Speed ​​through San Andreas until the “fun” bar is full.

How to avoid a jealous girlfriend in GTA: San Andreas

Finally, CJ can date one woman at a time, although this can lead to jealousy among the other girlfriends he encounters afterward. There are also other actions that will provoke a skeptical girlfriend, the criteria being the following:

  • CJ should not date any girlfriend until he has more than one.
  • CJ must not evade any jealous girlfriend to the point that they disappear.
  • CJ shouldn’t get caught by any jealous girlfriend.

If any of the above criteria was broken at some point from the beginning of the game, a jealous girlfriend will never appear. This is unless the saved data is adjusted using external tools such as GTA San Andreas mods.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition está disponible para PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One y Xbox Series X / S.

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