Friday, November 25

Government and More Country agree to create a public agency that controls the algorithms of social networks

  • At the proposal of those of Errejón, 5 million would be allocated to create an independent body that advises unions in compliance with the regulation of algorithms of the ‘Rider Law’

The PSOE and United we can they have agreed with More Country-Equo, in the negotiation of the general Budgets for 2022, the creation of a Spanish Agency for the Supervision of the Artificial intelligence that will enable the control of algorithms, in line with the claim made by the training led by Íñigo Errejón.

Thus, according to the amendment agreed by these three formations, the new accounts will include an additional provision to promote by law the creation of the Spanish Agency for the supervision of Artificial Intelligence, configured as a state agency with public legal personality, its own assets and autonomy in its management. .

The transactional amendment originates from a proposal by Más País to direct 5 million euros to create a national agency for audit algorithms, with full organic and functional independence, and in charge of periodically auditing the algorithms of the social networks and advise unions in compliance with the algorithm regulation of the ‘Rider Law’.

Likewise, Unidos Podemos had proposed in Congress the creation of an independent algorithm control agency with which to guarantee its transparency, in a mission similar to that carried out by the State Agency for Data Protection (AEPD). The confederal group had emphasized regulating the use of AI in surveillance and use of personal data of citizens by the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Minimize health and safety risks

Finally, the agreed proposal provides for the creation of this agency, and also that “it will act with full organic and functional independence from the administrations, in an objective, transparent and impartial manner.”

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This agency will be in charge of adopting measures aimed at “minimizing significant risks to people’s health and safety, as well as their fundamental rights, which may arise from the use of artificial intelligence systems”, through its own coordinated actions. with other competent authorities and support to private entities.

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It will be in charge of the development, supervision and monitoring of the projects framed within the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, as well as those promoted by the European Union, in particular those related to the regulatory development on artificial intelligence and its possible uses.

The State Agency, according to this amendment, will be attached to the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, within the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and will be governed by the provisions of its organic statute and by the provisions of the Regime Law Public Sector Legal.

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