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God of War Director Cory Barlog Supports Activision Blizzard Workers | LevelUp

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The Activision Blizzard scandal and its aftermath could have a major impact on the video game industry, which in recent years has revealed its dark side, where labor exploitation, abuse and harassment were the norm for years. An important part for things to change is the support of the union and now that the relationship between company and workers has become more tense, Cory Barlog raised his voice in favor of the workforce that makes this industry possible.

Cory Barlog speaks out to defend Activision Blizzard workers

Within the framework of the new level that the Activision Blizzard scandal has reached after an investigation whose results were published by The Wall Street Journal, Cory Barlog, director of God of War, spoke about it and did so in favor of the workers. The creative made use of his Twitter account to give his opinion on this case and was surprised by being blunt about the relationship between the company’s managers and the workers who, from the beginning and until the end, are the ones who have led it. as far as it is:

“Activision Blizzard developers deserve better than this. It is the developers’ work, their sweat, that makes Kotick and company executives rich. Without the developers they are nothing. Treat them better.”

Cory Barlog’s post gave immediate talk and some of his followers expressed support for Activision Blizzard workers, who have decided to protest and make a stoppage to demand justice, better working conditions and the resignation of Bobby Kotick.

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So far, the Board of Activision Blizzard has done nothing but support Kotick, while the manager ensures that the information and testimonials published today are “inaccurate.”

Despite this, the heads are already rolling in the company and a few moments ago it was confirmed that one of the Treyarch bosses, with a history of 18 years working in Call of Duty, left his post due to the accusations that weigh on him for sexual harassment.

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