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Genshin Impact: Favonius Sword – How to get it, stats and ascension materials

The Favonius sword is a 4-star weapon, available as part of the Favonius weapon line. Favonius weapons are designed for supports, allowing you to generate energy particles after dealing damage with a critical hit. This allows any supporting or supporting character to channel energy to your main DPS character.

As a 4-star weapon, the Favonius sword can be obtained in the Standard Banner, Featured Banner, and Weapon Banner. You can get this weapon at any time from all three banners, making it an attractive option for free or low-cost players. Every now and then this weapon will have a speed bump on the weapon banner, so keep your eyes peeled if you need this weapon.

Favonius Sword statistics

  • Rarity: 4 stars
  • ATK: 41-454
  • Secondary stat: Energy recharge
  • Secondary stat levels: 13.3% – 61.3%
  • Passive: Unexpected Gain: CRIT hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of elemental particles, which will regenerate 6 energy for the character. It can only occur once every 12 seconds.

Ascension Materials

Is the Favonius sword good?

The Favonius Sword is a reliable weapon that can be put on any sword character that requires a lot of Energy Recharge and works as a Sub-DPS or Support Character. The Favonius sword is rarely the best in space for any character, but it is almost always useful as a backup character.

You can channel energy to your main DPS character through the weapon’s passive. After critically hitting the character holding this weapon, immediately switch to your main DPS character. This gives that character a ton of energy towards his Elemental Blast.

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The passive allows this weapon to always be a useful option for any support. However, you will want to use this only on characters that need the energy recharge. Otherwise, there will be better options.

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