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Far Cry 6: Vaas Insanity DLC – All Vaas Chibis Locations

For Far Cry 6 finalists looking to completely finish the new Vaas DLC, here are the ten Chibi statues locations to collect.

The series has had its fair share of memorable villains throughout its time, and Far Cry 6 is no exception. Now with the Far Cry 6 Vaas DLC, Ubisoft also wanted to pay tribute to its villain from Far Cry 3 and allow players to literally enter Vaas’s mind.

The DLC offers a new set of trophies in Far Cry 6, one of which involves hunting ten Vaas figurines. These little Chibis are miniature bobblehead-looking statues scattered all over the map and they make noises when players get close. Players can shoot or interact with the chibis to gather them.

However, these can be difficult to spot from afar and hidden in hard-to-find places. So stop Far Cry 6 finalists looking to quickly find all the statues, here are the chibi locations.

Vaas Chibi 1

The first statue of Vaas de Very far can be found towards the center of the map in the complex. Once there, go up the stairs where the players look at the volcano and go up to the second floor. There must be a room lit with violet light; look up and the first statue can be shot through a hole in the ceiling.

Vaas Chibi 2

The second statue can be found in the upper left corner of the map on the beach. The chibi will be sitting on top of the front end of one of the rafts.

Vaas Chibi 3

The third Chibi can be found near the complex when players climb up the volcano. There will be a metal gazebo with a radio antenna, the chibi will be sitting on the scaffold.

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Vaas Chibi 4

The fourth statue can be found at the top of the map. In the sandy area next to the volcano, the statue will be hidden in one of the metal buckets.

Vaas Chibi 5

The fifth statue can be found at the bottom of the map. When players get the “Favorable Forecast” buff, head to the nearby tree and the chibi will be in a hole towards the back.

Vaas Chibi 6

The sixth statue can be found near where the second statue was found. On the broken wooden dock overlooking the water, the chibi will be on the edge of the board.

Vaas Chibi 7

The seventh statue can be found towards the center of the map. In the statue with the woman praying, the chibi will be sitting on her hands.

Vaas Chibi 8

The eighth statue can be found in the upper right corner of the map. At the top of the stone steps, there is a chest, and the chibi will be sitting at the top of the wall on the left.

Vaas Chibi 9

The ninth statue is on the east right of the map. The chibi will be in the hands of the corpse hanging near the red grass.

Vaas Chibi 10

The last statue is near the ninth. It will be on top of one of the floating stone columns, the one with the bright green leaves on top.

Far Cry 6 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, Stadia, and Luna.

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