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Do you want to fight against climate change? They recommend leaving gaming and taking a little bath | LevelUp

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity has faced. It is a situation that not only endangers our lifestyle, but the stability of ecosystems worldwide. To reverse it, you have to act and, although the main change must come from the industries, there is a bank that wants to put weight on individual action by asking citizens to bathe little and not play video games.

Recently, the French medium LesEchos it echoed calculations published by Credit Suisse, a world-class bank and financial organization. In it, they recommend an ideal lifestyle that citizens must follow to comply with the Paris Agreement and thus fight perfectly against climate change.

But what should the ideal citizen be like? In hygiene and food issues, you should only take 3 showers a week of a maximum of 8 minutes each. On the other hand, you should only consume 200 grams of chicken and 25 grams of cheese a week. Also, it is recommended that you only buy 2 pants and 3 shirts per year.

What about entertainment? They recommend that you only watch TV for 2 hours a day and stay away from video games entirely. In case you want to exercise you should do it outdoors, but if you are going to use a treadmill that is only for 30 minutes in 3 sessions a week.

Finally, the bank also recommends avoiding travel as much as possible. In fact, the ideal citizen should only take one flight a year, which will make intercontinental travel extremely difficult. The good thing is that you will be allowed to travel up to 1000 km a year in an electric car.

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Fighting climate change goes beyond individual action

While individual action and our consumption habits are important in the fight against climate change, the reality is that things are more complicated than stopping using straws or quitting gaming.

To give you an idea, Research done in 2017 revealed that more than 70% of carbon emissions since 1988 are the responsibility of 100 companies that produce fossil fuel. If this continues over the next few years, then global temperatures could rise by 4ºC and cause a food and climate catastrophe.

Thus, the fight against climate change should be led by a shift towards renewable energy and penalties against polluting industries. Otherwise, any individual sacrifice is in danger of being useless.

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