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Confirm that the screen of death in Windows 11 will be as it should be | LevelUp

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Microsoft officially launched Windows 11 on October 5, a new version of its operating system that brought with it a large number of aesthetic changes. One of them was the modification in the color of the so-called screen of death, which was seen in black instead of the known blue. However, it has just been confirmed that it will return to its classic color.

As you surely know, the screen of death is the one that appears when there is a critical error in the system that asks you to restart your computer, which has made it one of the most feared signs that your computer can show you.

Which is the one that scares you the least?

One of its most characteristic elements is the bluish tone that covered the entire screen and that was modified in Windows 11, a situation that will change with a new update so that it returns to its origins.

It is in the last patch of the operating system where Microsoft decided to recover the emblematic blue color for that screen in the latest version of Windows (something that we hope you will not have to check very soon).

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It is worth mentioning that since its launch, Windows 11 has received a large number of updates to fix the errors that always appear when a new version of its OS is presented. An example of this is a patch that fixes performance issues on AMD Ryzen processors.

How about the return of the color blue to the screen of death? Let us know in the comments.

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