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Collect more than 50 images of video game delays: from Cyberpunk 2077 to Saints Row

Delays have become commonplace in the video game industry And almost every day we see a new announcement from a company that decides to postpone the premiere of its project for a later date than planned; today was announced that of Saints RowFor example, instead of February 25, it will be released on August 23. The funny thing is that there seems to have been a fashion related to this kind of announcement: to notify this decision with a statement on Twitter in the form of an image. We almost always learn of delays in this way, something that has practically become an art form in its own right.

Over 50 announcements of delays

At least that’s what he must have thought Mark Brown, responsable de GameMaker’s Toolkit, who has unveiled on your Twitter account It has a peculiar collection with more than 50 images of delayed announcements. Every time a company has released such a release, Brown has put the poster in a folder on his hard drive and thus has built up a collection of game lag announcements such as Cyberpunk 2077, Far Cry 6, Riders Republic, The Medium O Deathloop, among many others such as the aforementioned Saints Row.

Throughout this lengthy thread, Brown jokes that these types of images may well be in a gallery because they are considered pieces of art in themselves. The truth is that with this peculiar content Mark Brown helps us to two things: to highlight how common it is for a game to be delayed, if it is not clear to us already, and to the peculiar way that the industry has had to standardize this method to advertise it. In this sense, the author of the compilation asks the companies to offer an alternative in text, since this method is not very accessible.

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