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Bobby Kotick wrote controversial letter from Activision executive to his employees | LevelUp

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This year has been one of the worst for Activision. At the beginning of 2021, the company was in the eye of the hurricane after testimonies were released about the terrible work environment in which inappropriate behavior prevailed. Despite the strength of the matter, the company’s managers did not seem to show empathy for their workers, something that was seen thanks to the response from a company management, who denied the reports, which questioned the credibility of the people who gave the testimonies and that it was very badly received by the community. Well, it turns out that this message was not written by the controversial board, but by the CEO of Activision Blizzard.

You read it correctly, the true author of the controversial letter was Bobby Kotick, who today was the target of much criticism after a new report full of accusations against him. The letter to which we refer is the same one that filled employees and the community with indignation and the industry that supported them in a broad march.

In the letter, Townsend stated that the allegations at the time presented a “distorted and false image” of Activision that included “incorrect, old and out of context stories,” something that curiously bears a strong resemblance to Kotick’s new response in relation to with the new accusations against him that came to light today.

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Bobby Kotick acknowledges authorship of controversial letter

This similarity may be due to the fact that the author of both texts is Bobby Kotick. According to the new report from The Wall Street Journal (via Kotaku), the piece known for being one of the worst damage control samples in the industry was written in its entirety by Kotick despite being signed by Townsend, which just gets even more incredible.

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Kotick is the person who “approves most of the internal emails, as well as responses to the press,” but with Townsend’s letter in particular he was the one who wrote it and had it sent on behalf of the executive .

This was confirmed by a spokesperson who contacted The Wall Street Journal, which said that Kotick “assumes responsibility for the incident and regrets it”, apart from clarifying that (precisely) “Mrs. Townsend should not blame herself for this error.” This mistake (in conjunction with his attitude to the situation) led Townsend to leave one of his positions at the company.

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You may remember that after the content of Townsend’s letter was made public, Bobby Kotick sent a statement acknowledging that Activision Blizzard turned a deaf ear to the entrenched situation in the company. Interestingly, then, Kotick was not apologizing for a mistake made by one of his colleagues, but for one that he made.

Despite the evidence against Bobby Kotick that is mentioned in the new report (which the manager says projects an inaccurate and misleading view of the company) and after he confessed that he was the true author of the allegedly written letter For Townsend, the Activision Board of Directors expressed their support for Bobby Kotick and continues to give him a vote of confidence.

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