Friday, November 25

Activision Blizzard shareholder groups call for Bobby Kotick’s resignation

Various organizations shareholder representatives from Activision Blizzard have signed and sent a statement to the company led by Bobby Kotick for the CEO I resigned to your position with two high positions of the board of directors. Organizations agglutinate less than 5 million shares, approximately 0.6% of the total of the company.

The Wall Street Journal I unveiled on Tuesday statements and documents that supposedly prove that Kotick has abused women both inside and outside the company at the same time that there will be covered for years complaints of abuse to employees by other workers.

More than one hundred of employees of the subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment demonstrated this Tuesday in Irvine, California, after Kotick sent a video to his workers denying the information. The board of directors supports the CEO despite stocks plummeting.

The statement speaks of the “systematic nature” of harassment in the company

At release, spread by The Washington Post and signed by four groups of shareholders led by Strategic Organizing Center Investment Group can be read: “In contrast to previous statements by the company, the CEO Bobby Kotick was aware of many incidents of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and gender discrimination at Activision Blizzard, but did not ensure that responsible executives and managers were fired or recognized and addressed the systematic nature of hostile work culture of the company “.

The rest of the signatories of the letter are Future Super, NEI Investments, Verve Super y Shareholder Association for Research & Education (or SHARE, who have no shares in the company). All of them also request the resignation of Brian Kelly, chairman of the shareholders’ meeting, and Robert Mordago, principal independent director, before December 31.

Activision Blizzard

The aforementioned shareholders consider it “clear” that “the current management have repeatedly failed to advocate for a safe workplace, a core function of his job, “in the words of Dieter Waizenegger, CEO of SOC Investment Group.

They ask that their substitutes be various managers and that at least one of the chairs is assigned to an employee who does not have an executive position. Otherwise, they will not vote for re-election of current officers at the annual shareholders meeting in June 2022.

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