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Xbox Game Pass could be an old-fashioned video game rental service | LevelUp

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Xbox Game Pass has been a source of happiness for many players because in addition to its offer with more than 100 titles available, it allows you to play the Xbox Game Studios exclusives on launch day without having to buy them. However, the idea of ​​doing something like that did not arise overnight and at some point its focus was another, detail revealed by one of the Xbox directives.

Xbox Game Pass was codenamed Arches and was intended to rent games

In the framework of the celebrations for the 20 years of Xbox, Sarah Bond, head of ecosystems of Microsoft’s video games division, spoke about the origin of Xbox Game Pass and the benefits it has brought to the industry. Regarding the first issue, the directive pointed out that in 2013 the idea of ​​the service arose, with the code name Arches, but at that time it was thought as something similar to an income, either of one or more video games to which you would have limited access by a payment much less than the purchase. However, the success of platforms such as Netflix influenced Xbox and all changes in that direction, so the project adjusted to new trends and took the form we know today.

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Xbox Game Pass has changed the revenue model of some video games for the better

Regarding the second topic, Sarah Bond revealed that the publishers were reserved regarding Xbox Game Pass and that is why it was decided that the first lineup of games would be with titles already proven in the market and whose income would not be at risk. The result was surprising and little by little it generated confidence among the companies to be encouraged to put their games in the service. In that sense, Bond revealed an interesting detail and that is that Xbox Game Pass and the games that are part of the Xbox ecosystem, have seen improvements in terms of income: “75% of the income of a game is achieved in 2 months post-launch. Now, that was extended to 2 years. “

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